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Found in 2008, Sinosource Lab Supplies Ltd. has been committed to serves

as a professional company that provides widely ranged best-in-class

products of Laboratory Apparatus,Instruments,Equipment and


  • SH-2 Magnetic Stirrer

    Magnetic Stirrer SH-2

  • Ohaus MB23 Infrand Moisture Analyzer

    Ohaus MB23 Infrand Moisture Analyzer

  • Ohaus MB25 Halogen Moisture Analyzer

    Ohaus MB25 Halogen Moisture Analyzer

  • DDBJ-350 portable Conductivity Meter

    DDBJ-350 portable Conductivity Meter

  • GA139 Three Finger Swivel Clamp Zn/Al Alloy,Chrome Plate Large

    Three Finger Swivel Clamp Hot

  • Model XSZ-80 Series Blological Microscope

    Blological Microscope Microscope

  • Monocular Blological Microscopes

    Blological Microscopes Microscopes

  • Beaker Low Form,25ml-10000ml

  • Automatic Refractometer LED light source

    Automatic Refractometer Hot Sale

  • Video Melting Point

    Video Melting Point Melting Point Apparatus



  • New Style Life-Size Heart Model XC-307B

  • Biochemical Incubator

    Biochemical Incubator Fluoride-free

  • Mould Incubator

    Mould Incubator Fluoride-free

  • Constant Temperature&Humidity Incubator

    Constant Temperature&Humidity Incubator Fluoride-free

  • CO2 Incubator

    smart CO2 Incubator

  • Electric Heating Incubator

    Electric Heating Incubator smart

  • Drying Oven

    Drying Oven Smart

  • Hot-air Sterilizer

    Hot-air Sterilizer Smart

  • Programmable Electric Furnace

    Programmable Electric Furnace Digital display

  • Clean Beach

    Clean Beach Air purification

  • Turbidimeter

    Precision type Turbidimeter

  • Turbidimeter

    Standard type Turbidimeter

  • Conductivity Meter

    Conductivity Meter Electrical conductivity meter

  • Industrial PH Meter

    Industrial type PH Meter

  • Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer

    Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer

  • Human Torso


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